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Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Faculty of Civil Engineering SUT in Bratislava Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Radlinského 11, block C, 12. floor
810 05 Bratislava 1

Phone: + 421 2 32888625

Project objective

DTP Specific objective 2.3: Sustainable, integrated, transnational water and sediment management in the Danube River Basin ensuring good quality and quantity of waters and sediment balance

SO1: Enhanced joint data management for Danube River Basin water management planning (Danube HIS and online data sources)

SO2: A jointly developed water balance tool for the Danube River Basin (CWatM a process-based hydrological model coupled with MODFLOW)

SO3: Fostering mutual acceptance of joint water balance methodology through capacity building (including pilot subbasins model application: Tisa, Morava, Upper-Sava and Drina)


Project content in flowchart: