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Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Faculty of Civil Engineering SUT in Bratislava Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Radlinského 11, block C, 12. floor
810 05 Bratislava 1

Phone: + 421 2 32888625

Master study

Accredited Master's Degree Study Programs

>> Building Structures and Architecture
>> Architectural Constructions and Design
>> Building Services
>> Structures of Buildings
>> Structural and Transportation Engineering
>> Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
>> Environmental Engineering
>> Building Technology
>> Mathematical and Computational Modeling
>> Structures for land protection
>> Civil Engineering (in English)



Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering (VSVH)

Graduates of this study programme acquire education with the focus put on the usage of water resources in rural and urban areas. They can project the implementation and operation processes of water structures. Graduates understand the construction process and the given technological, environmental, economic and legal aspects of designing, operating and implementing hydraulic structures, the harmful and destructive effects of water, the need of water protection, the use of hydro power, water transportation water supplies for residential, industrial and agricultural sectors, and the need of waste water treatment.

They master modern information technologies, computer-aided design and methods analysing and controlling water management issues using geographical information systems. In line with the principles of sustainable development, they understand technological, environmental, economic and legal aspects of the concerned areas. They can be employed as members of creative teams, team leaders, or independent experts in design offices, enterprises, and businesses focusing on the use of water resources, the economical use of water, and water protection. They can work in industrial, agricultural and urbanized areas, in hydropower engineering, hydraulic structures, water transportation, water supply and waste water treatment, solid waste management, state administration units for water management and in water management research institutes, or in non-governmental organizations.

Guarantor: doc. Ing. Silvia Kohnová, PhD., silvia.kohnova@stuba.sk
Study coordinator: Monika Máleková, monika.malekova@stuba.sk


Environmental Engineering

Graduates receive a comprehensive second-degree education in the field of landscaping and landscape planning. They understand the essence of physical, geoscientific, biological, ecological laws taking place in nature and the interaction between natural and anthropogenic components. Graduates understand the principles of sustainable development in the creation and protection of the environment. At the same time, they will understand the technologies of improving and enhancing the country's individual components.

Graduates will know more about the environmental engineering field of the external environment, waste management, water management of the landscape and urban areas, landscape and garden architecture, management of landscape and garden creation. They have a profound knowledge of project and coordination activities and European legislation and standards aimed at environmental protection and landscape and garden architecture. Graduates can perform independent management, coordination, advisory and consulting activities in the application of environmental principles in the appropriate sphere of production, engineering, architectural conceptual, planning, and social activities, as well as in assessing the impact of anthropogenic activities in terms of environmental protection, work as an assistant in the scientific research team in the field of landscape and landscape architecture as well as environmental engineering. They can use advanced procedures of computer support of engineering work to design technical solutions and use information systems, including geoinformation technologies, at a high level.

Guarantor: prof. Ing. Milan Čistý, PhD., milan.cisty@stuba.sk
Study coordinator: Bc. Marcela Cabadajová, marcela.cabadajova@stuba.sk