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Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Faculty of Civil Engineering SUT in Bratislava Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Radlinského 11, block C, 12. floor
810 05 Bratislava 1

Phone: + 421 2 32888625

Bachelor study

Accredited Bachelor's Degree Study Programs

>> Geodesy and Cartography
>> Building Structures and Architecture
>> Structural and Transportation Engineering
>> Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
>> Environmental Engineering
>> Civil Engineering
>> Building Technologies and Management
>> Mathematical and Computational Modeling


Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (VSVH)

Graduates acquire a complete first-degree university education in this field of study with a specialization in hydraulic structures and water management. They acquire basic knowledge in the fields of hydraulic structures and landscape water resources management, water management systems, public utility networks, water supply and water treatment and sewerage and waste water treatment. The use of computing technology is encouraged in theoretical procedures and in the design, modelling and optimization of calculation procedures.

Graduates of this Bachelor programme understand substantial facts and concepts related to the construction and operation of water management facilities. They can use this knowledge in designing and implementing structures in a way that shows understanding of the given context and consequences of alternative decisions. Graduates can be employed by state administration, by local self-government authorities, and by environmental authorities and organizations which manage and operate water management systems in various positions, e.g. company or establishment water managers, assistant designers of water management facilities or operators of irrigation and drainage systems, etc.


Guarantor: doc. Ing. Silvia Kohnová, PhD., silvia.kohnova@stuba.sk
Study coordinator: Ľubica Michalíková, lubica.michalikova@stuba.sk


Landscaping and Landscape Planning (KKP)

Graduates of this Bachelor programme acquire education in specialized construction which focuses on environmental aspects of building structures as well as on landscape, water, municipal, and transportation engineering. Graduates have basic knowledge of the engineering theory required for building design, for measures and structures serving environmental protection and for the development of partial projects for environmental protection.

Graduates gain knowledge about the interaction between natural and anthropic environmental elements, technological and engineering activities, environmental pollutants, valid environmental protection legislation and about the standards and basic procedures of computer-aided engineering work. They understand elementary principles of designing various types of structures, of the protection of society from adverse effects of hydro-meteorological and of landscape processes, and from other adverse environmental factors. They understand the basic procedures of public health and environmental management and protection. They can work as assistants in design teams and in implementation teams for engineering projects and as operators of engineering works, technological and environmental systems focusing on environmental issues of construction, landscape, water, municipal, and transportation engineering.


Guarantor: Ing. Martina Majorošová, PhD, martina.majorosova@stuba.sk
Study coordinator: Bc. Marcela Cabadajová, marcela.cabadajova@stuba.sk