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Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Faculty of Civil Engineering SUT in Bratislava Department of Land and Water Resources Management

Radlinského 11, block C, 12. floor
810 05 Bratislava 1

Phone: + 421 2 32888625


The tasks of the RECARE project are specifically linked and defined within a conceptual framework for assessing, preventing and remediating soil degradation.

The RECARE project aims to:

1. Fill knowledge gaps in our understanding of the functioning of soil systems under the influence of climate and human activities
2. Develop a harmonised methodology to assess the state of soil degradation and conservation
3. Develop a universally applicable methodology to assess the impacts of soil degradation upon soil functions and ecosystem services
4. Select innovative measures in collaboration with stakeholders and evaluate the efficacy of these regarding soil functions and ecosystem services as well as costsand benefits
5. Upscale results from 17 case studies to European scale to evaluate the effectiveness of measures across Europe
6. Evaluate ways to facilitate adoption of these measures by stakeholders
7. Carry out an integrated assessment of existing soil related policies and strategies to identify their goals, impacts, synergies and potential inconsistencies, and to derive recommendations for improvement based on RECARE results.